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Comfort + Sizing = Complete Feet Happiness!

Because we use premium leathers both on the upper and in the lining, your Ballet Flats should mold quickly to your foot's shape.

We make to US shoe sizes. If you are typically a full shoe size, buy the same size in Amada (for example, if you wear a US size 6, you should buy a 6 in Amada). 

Half sizes: if you usually wear a half size, we suggest you order the next size up (for example, 6.5, we encourage you to order size 7).

Amada Petite Sizes: we cater for smaller sizes 33 and 34. They will fit adult women comfortably and most girls can also wear them perfectly. 

Amada Larger Sizes: we currently make up to US size 13.


US/EUR Amada Size Chart:


3 33
4 34
5 35
6 36
7 37
8 38
9 39
10 40
11 41
12 42
13 43