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How long has Amada been in business? 

The brand Amada started in the year 2001 in Australia but is only a new brand for a family company that has been around since 1974 in Colombia. DANNY is the original brand of the family business. 

Do you use genuine leather?

Yes. 100%, we do. The leathers we use for your flats are all cowhides. Our leathers are all top-grain and are processed and dyed-through to a soft velvety feel. These are mostly imported from quality tanneries in Italy, but we also have our own tannery in Colombia. 

Be aware; many brands are using materials they call either “PU,” "synthetic,” "faux," “artificial,” or “imitation” leather and charging premium prices.

Only top-grain bovine leathers- like the ones we use- guarantee breathability, ideal haptics, and sweat permeability.

Are they also leather lined? 

YES, we use very soft bovine leather lining. Your Amada Ballet Flats should feel comfy like a glove from the first few wears. 


What is your inner instep like?

Our Posture Support Insole has memory foam that allows you to wear with comfort for many years to come. Our Posture Support Insole has almost 1-centimeter height at the heels. This is especially important for ladies who can't usually wear flat shoes or suffer from heel pain. Amada Ballet Flats should feel very comfortable for every person. 


What shoe sizes do you make?

 At the moment, we cater to sizes from 2 to 13. 


What width do the Ballet Flats come in?

The last we use is always the same. It took us many years of experience to develop a last that can fit comfortably almost every foot. We don't specialize in wider shoes. 


Is the elastic tight?

After years of manufacturing thousands of Ballet Flats, we found the secret to using elastics…. we discovered the exact quality and length of elastic that provides much of the comfort our customers have raved about for years.


Are the soles slippery? 

100% rubber soles provided the best anti-slippery characteristics of all materials. We only use premium rubber soles sourced from a very well established supplier. We have worked with them for at least 20 years now.


Is a full-length sole more comfortable?

Yes, from our years of experience and that of our customers. We have tried many kinds of soles, and we found a full-length sole provides much better support than other soles, like those used on drivers shoes or split-soles, for example. 


Is the shoe travel-case included always?

NO, this is a temporary gift. Our shoe travel-case sells separately at $55. It is left unlined so that you can see the leather quality; the matching leather puller on the zipper allows you to know which shoes you store inside. 


Are there more leather options available?

YES, we have a vast range of leathers available. We love being first orfast-to-market with new trends and quickly developing new leathers and fresh options. We add new styles every month!


Where are they made?

Our production since 1978 is in Cali, Colombia. 


Do you make matching bags?

Usually, yes. During the pandemic, we've slowed production. We will

begin to offer our famous totes to match very soon. 


Can I become a reseller?

Due to the Covid pandemic, our production line is minimal. At this stage, we are registering interested resellers for a later opportunity only. 


Can I make a special order? 

Special orders for brides and bridesmaids can be done if you plan ahead and are not in a rush. Feel free to contact to speak directly with Ilan, the owner of the company.


Where do your shoes ship from? 

We ship from either our warehouse in Cali, Colombia, just 3 hours away from Miami, or from our warehouse in Miami. In case you ever return any shoes, you must send them back to our warehouse in Miami. 


Do you have an affiliate program and a loyalty program?

At this stage, we are working on both. Your purchases today will add to your loyalty program once we get the systems right. 


When will After Pay become available in your shop?

We are currently working with After Pay to meet their requirements. We should have that system in place very soon. 


How big is your company?

Amada is a very small company. We pride ourselves on making very high-quality shoes. Our main goal is to keep our production tight to maintain our quality and value-for-money promise. 


Is Amada still available from shops in Australia?

We did have an Australian operation until the year 2015 and for almost fifteen years across the country. We don't have that these days, but we can ship your order to Australia for a nominal extra fee of USD 10 per pair. 


Can I visit your factory in Colombia?

YES! We'd love to show you around whenever you are in our lovely and lively city of Cali. Angelica, our manager in Cali, is always happy to show you how our products are handmade. 


Do you ship to other countries?

Yes! We enjoy serving our customers all over the world. It is only $10 more for shipping per pair. Feel free to send us an email with your order…to arrange your particular needs.